On the top of the Roraima


RoraimaRoraima is regarded as the least populates state of Brazil that is also a very popular tourist spot. This area has got a lot to offer to the visitors and you will never run out of entertaining options here. There are attractive waterfalls, beautiful natural sceneries and a great diversity of flora and fauna, which are ready to impress you. You will surely admire the beauty and welcoming nature of this region. Especially, the trekking up to Roraima is a brilliant experience that will surely satisfy your natural craving for adventure and thrill. In addition, there is a lot more that you need to see let’s have a look at some of the most interesting visiting spots of this region.

Mount Roraima

Including the triple border point of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil the Mount Roraima stands as a symbol of natural beauty and attractiveness. It is regarded as the highest mountain that is present in the Pacaraima Mountains that is actually a chain of mountain, which extends in the southwestern part of Guyana. The Mount Roraima enjoys the pleasure of being the highest peak of Pacaraima. Its elevation is 2810 meter and prominence are 2338 meter. Not only this, the Mount Roraima is also regarded as the highest mountain peak of Guana Highland range.

Guiana Shield

Landscape RoraimaThe Guiana Shield is counted in the 3 South American Plate cratons. It is a geological development that took place almost 1.7 billion years back in the northeastern part of South America. The higher advancements of this shield is named as Guiana Highlands and it is worth mentioning here that some of the most beautiful and attractive waterfalls of this world like Kuquenan Falls and Angel Falls are located in this region and Mount Roraima stands here enjoying the status of the highest point of this highland range. It is also stationed at the southeastern corner of Canaima National Park.

The Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana

In relation to this park it is worth mentioning that also known as Parque Nacional Canaima  this park is situated in southeast of Venezuela and it covers almost 30,000 km2 of land. This is a park that was established in the year 1962 during the month of June and presently enjoys the status of being the second largest park of Venezuela and 6th largest national parc of the earth.

Roraima TepuiMouth Roraima is counted in the most famous and most visited destinations of Gran Sabana as it is the tallest mountain that is also very easy to climb. In the year 1596 Sir Walter Raleigh was the one who gained the pleasure of describing this beautiful and charming mountain.

In short, this part of the world has got a lot to offer so you must consider visiting it. If you will consider visiting this region, then surely there are high chances that you will love the vacations that you will spend in this part of the world. Transportation is very easily available and you will never face any trouble regarding conveyance.

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