Paria in East Venezuela

PariaLocated in the Eastern Venezuela the Peninsula de Paria is famous for its beautiful and attractive beaches that are located near jungles, smaller rivers and charming mountains. This place is very much beautiful loaded with the wonders of nature and especially Caribbean beaches are regarded as the finest beaches that are present in the country. If you are aiming to visit this exotic and wonderful location then it is advised that you should start your journey from Carupano there are many ways through which you can reach this place as transportation facilities in the region is reasonably good. You craving for adventure can be satisfied to a greater degree by visiting beaches like the following

  • Playa Medina
  • Playa Puypuy

Let’s have a look at some of the most attractive destinations that you should visit during your trip to Paria.

Playa Medina

Playa MedinaThose who have visited this beach say that it is not less than a dream beach. This place is truly a heaven on earth. You can enjoy a luxurious stay here in any one of the eight bungalows that have been designed in a brilliant manner keeping in consideration the local traditions. You can book the bungalow of your choice from Carupano. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this beach has got a lot to offer you and you will be deeply impressed with the natural beauty that is possessed by Playa Medina.

Hacienda Bukare

Located near the Rio Caribe that is in the Paria Peninsula in the East of Venezuela is a great place that you should visit. Especially if you love chocolate then surely this place will impress you. This attractive coca plantation was established in the year 1908 and is famous for producing tasty chocolate. The owners of this organization are Esser family who are very friendly. There are so many interesting things, which you can do here like you can visit the entire plantation and see how coca is grown and processed so that it comes out in the form of yummy chocolate. Best of all you can provide your taste buds some satisfaction by trying the chocolate that is manufactured here and students can get a lot of information upon coca here.

Playa de Uva

Are you looking forward to staying in a charming place during your trip to Peninsula de Paria then there can be no better destination than Playa de Uva. It is only a drive of 20 minutes from Rio Caribe. This is a world class posada filled with luxury.

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